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Over the last years VIPconsultant (Adriatic Securities S.A.) has developed close working relationships with many international banks in different jurisdictions and is, therefore, able to assist with the opening of corporate, trust and personal accounts in any convertible currency (multi currency). We are working with only top class offshore and international banks in the world.

What can we do for you?

- provide you with best of industry advice on most adequate location
- we can assist with account opening
- arrange all paperwork for you, customer has to deliver all required documentation on the request of respected bank

Our advantages:

- more than 10 years in business
- in depth knowledge about banks and their abilities
- more than 1000 customers worldwide

Opening procedure

Our main advantage is that you do not have to travel to the bank during opening procedure. But we also recommend you to establish personal relation with bank manager after a certain period of time. Personal relation can help achieve some goals faster and without much effort..

For opening account we will need some information from you, ask you to deliver some documents and also sign few forms that we will prepare in advance.


  1. Private bank accounts                       $400
  2. Corporate bank account*                   $700 

* Fees are not valid for high risk businesses.

Available locations

St. Vincent
Cayman Islands
And many other

If you have questions about opening of corporate or personal bank account please visit web page